About us

ZhejangHaoindusty&TradeCo., Ud is located in the enjoyment of the ''China hanc*i/vare, hot springs W reputation of V\Ajyi County, Zh每ang Pravhoe^ covers an area of 10 mBon square meters,oonslrucfon has bright and spacious office buildhgs and modem standard \MDri<shop,and is equipped wlh a sophisticated producfon eqiipmen^ is a aN/vays oonoenlrate on high quafty anHheft door, francs anlHh油 door, steel into households door^ imitetion Tongmen elcx series products R & D and production of modem enterprise. Company sinoe Is inoeplioa has teen to open mind k> wh all the long, to chalenge the industry level of first-dass fighting spitt and carefliy shaping the »o" brand, wilh exoeltent performance of the top door making technolog/is committed to develop and irtefpretetion of oaityard of Chinese and Western art let every home al the time seaiity guarantee.

The company has passed the IS09001:2008qualty management system certfcalion in Ihe indiistry, and vvon the Zhongguo Chimhg Shangbiao, Chha envjronmenlal product certification mart<s of honor. Compares management team and technical backbone of al by the rich experience of the hdustryette, strong capital advantage, non scientific management system* pragmafc business phloeophy,and Uly guarantee the product qualty and delvay. Company in the devetopmen丨 prooess, adhere to the •Vnake the past serve the present, to make foreign thhgs serve China", the ardent tracfitionai culture into the enterprise management oombined wih the advanoed managemert idea the sucoessU iriptemertation of the constriction of enterprise aituB,ernptoyee spit and core business and technical capabfitie^ ,THao" brand dealers and other customers in reputation oontinued to impnove,not only has a stnong domestic sales network and exported to many contries and regions in Euoi:America* Southeast Asia, the Midde East, its irtbenoe is with the market share of continuous impnovemenl and rapid expansioa

Hao producte from each Ink wlh impeocable quality assuranoe, each procecire are with unoompromising attention to detail they are vast strength among the ranks of the top brand in the hdustry, quickiy v\on the favor of customers, popiiar at home and abroad martlet assurano^ beoome a powerfii driving force tor the Hao door to move on. Hao fbroe people to' endaochouqi^ Houctezai^M/as the motto, Ihrough the unremitfing cfigenfly,pioneering and imovalive, Hao from enteriig the door to unique* from customer aoceptenoe to be peer attention. From a damons nametess junior growlh for b#ons of dollars of assets of the well-known enterprises in the fierce oonpelifon in the market door inJy beoorr« an up and axrier. Joht venture Sitel grogp ii the hternational financial crisis U ho suooess acquined irx which vvB Hao career k>/vard new heighls wl make al the new and old customers and went higher and fertier!

Hao,isasafeguarcl door,adoorwlh the door of happiness,the doorto the door of suocess,yourtfesthe taste of our products. Hao force will oonlinuetofbcus on the atftude of professbnafem, and uremttngly efforts, oontinue to provide customers wih quafty pnxJucte and attentive servioe. Let time to verify the quafity, wilh the credWity to win the fmure» Hao people fli of oonfictenoe and amblion, Hao people with hard work and sweat to customers honor ouroommitmenl: inlegity, to secure safe!

Wlh gralitu,a shengsh^/veiye. Hao Li is v\/iling to v\ort< with our very brand awareness of the real estate development enterprises and business partners, sharing a better tomorrow!